Friday, July 4, 2014

Super Food List

What Is a Super Food?
Did you ever wonder what exactly was a super food? Superfoods or super foods are foods that pack a punch for healthy because they are filled with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Originally the term super food was coined as a marketing ploy to help promote foods to the health conscious.

The term was not coined by the medical industry so it is wise as a consumer to shy away from processed foods termed super foods. Foods that are pre-processed are not super foods. Fresh, raw and organic fruits and vegetables along with some grains, proteins and spices are super foods.

Since many foods can be super foods, the best way to incorporate them into your diet is to aim for including 5 to 10 fresh, organic fruits and vegetables into your diet daily. Always opt for organic since organic foods have higher concentrations of necessary vitamins and minerals and aren't grown with chemicals. Organic foods will also be non-GMO foods. GMO foods have not been determined to be safe and studies are rapidly showing increased cancer growth in laboratory animals who are fed GMO foods.

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